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TitleBOOMERANG Expedition (BMRG)
AbstractDredging and geologic sampling to determine the origin of ophiolites in the Tonga subduction zone
Proposal TitleDynamics of extensional convergent margins and the origin of Supra-subduction zone ophiolites in the Tonga Forearc
Starting PortSuva, Fiji
Ending PortPago Pago, American Samoa
Starting Date1996-05-07
Ending Date1996-06-08
Latitude Maximum-14.2128
Latitude Minimum-26.2308
Longitude Maximum189.334
Longitude Minimum178.381
Principal InvestigatorBloomer, Sherman
Scientist NamesBloomer,Dr. S. - Chief Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Fisher,Dr. R. L. - Research Scientist Scripps Institution :Ishii,Dr. T. - Assoc. Professor - Univ. of Tokyo :Clift,Dr. P. - Sedimentologist - Woods Hole :Falloon,Dr. T. - Research Scientist Univ. of Tasmania :Gillis,Dr. K. - Professor - Univ. of Victoria :MacLeod,Dr. C. - Lecturer - Univ. of Wales Card. :Tappin,Dr. D. - Marine Geologist - Brit. Geol. Surv. :Wright,Dr. D. - Assistant Prof. - Oregon State Univ. :Comer,R. L. - Resident Tech. - Scripps Institution :Porteous,T. - Computer Tech. - Scripps Institution :Smith,S. - Seabeam Processor - Scripps Institution :Heckman,E. - Hardware Tech. - Scripps Institution :Mogk,S. - Gun Tech. - Scripps Institution :Mafi,K. S. - Observer - Tonga :Winowitch,M. - Research Assist. - USGS Coastal Center :Kelman,M. - Grad. Student - Oregon State Univ.:Sato,H. - Grad. Student - Univ. of Tsukuba

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