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The Geological Data Center - Scripps Institution of Oceanography - UCSD

The Geological Data Center (GDC)

The role of GDC is to archive and provide access to marine geological data, particularly from SIO vessels. Originally launched by Bill Menard, the GDC has been in operation for more than 40 years. While many historic physical artifacts are carefully preserved, the current emphasis is on digital archiving, in coordination with other national and international programs.  

Online resources:

GDC supports a number of projects providing oceanographic data:

  • SIO cruise information
    Quickly find basic information about the dates, ports, chief scientist, and cruise identifier for expeditions on SIO vessels, including the coming year's plans.
    Search the SIO Cruise Database

  • Data from SIO cruises
    1000 cruises since the 1950’s up to 2005, including cruise reports, multibeam, gravity, magnetics, etc.
    Search the SIOExplorer Digital Library

  • Data from all US academic vessels
    Underway data, including navigation, multibeam, gravity, magnetics, sub-bottom, ADCP, CTD, meteorology, etc., mostly since 2009.
    Search the Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) cruise catalog; Further info

  • Data supporting ocean drilling
    Data submitted for IODP proposals, including maps, seismic sections, multibeam, etc. Registration required to download.
    Search the Site Survey Data Bank
For information about Scripps research vessels, please see the SIO Ship Operations and Marine Technical Support (SOMTS) website.

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