In addition to preserving 60+ years of historic Scripps vessel data, the GDC undertakes extramurally funded projects to manage oceanographic data. The GDC has extensive experience with data portals, quality control, and curation. If you are interested in GDC services, please contact us.

Science Support Office for the International Ocean Discovery Program

The NSF-funded SSO supports the International Ocean Discovery Program, a marine research collaboration that explores Earth’s history and dynamics using ocean-going research platforms to recover data recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks and to monitor subseafloor environments. The GDC maintains the Site Survey Data Bank (the repository for seismic and related data supporting IODP proposals), IODP proposal submission system, and the IODP informational website.

Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R)

The Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) program provides fleet-wide management of underway vessel data to ensure preservation of, and access to, our national oceanographic research assets. With their global capability and diverse array of sensors, research vessels are essential mobile observing platforms for ocean science. Data collected on every expedition are of high value, given the high cost and increasingly limited resources for ocean exploration. R2R is a collaborative program, with the GDC working with colleagues from LDEO, WHOI, and FSU.

CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office (CCHDO)

CCHDO is the data assembly and distribution center for global ocean CTD, hydrographic, carbon, and tracer data of the highest quality and utility. These data are used to address broad ocean research, including sea surface temperature and calculated surface currents, ocean heat content and transport, fluxes of heat, momentum, and freshwater and ocean carbon content and uptake. Because many of the CCHDO data are considered of reference quality, and cover an ever-growing time span, they provide a keystone in assessing and understanding the extent and nature of ocean changes.


SeaView is a consortium of ocean data centers and tool developers working together to make oceanographic data more accessible and interoperable. Seaview produces thematic collections of integrated data in standard formats, aligns the formats and metadata to make them easy for scientists to integrate into common visualization and analysis tools, and serves them from the SeaView data site.

SIOexplorer and SIO Cruise Information

SIOexplorer is a historic project that created the SIOexplorer portal for searching data from almost a thousand SIO cruises from the 1950s to 2005, including cruise reports, multibeam, gravity, magnetics, etc. The GDC also maintains the SIO Cruise Information page, allowing users to find basic information about the dates, ports, chief scientist, and cruise identifier for expeditions on SIO vessels.