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TitleAVON Expedition (AVON)
AbstractCarbon in the north pacific will be studied using water sampling and coring
Proposal TitlePenetration of the bomb: Transient 14C in the dissolved and particulate organic carbon pools of two mid-ocean gyres
Starting PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ending PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Starting Date1999-05-24
Ending Date1999-06-15
Latitude Maximum31.2359
Latitude Minimum21.2244
Longitude Maximum202.132
Longitude Minimum200.625
Principal InvestigatorDruffel, Ellen
Scientist NamesDruffel,Dr. E. - Chief Scientist - U. C. Irvine :Bauer,Dr. J. - Chief Scientist - Va. Inst. of Mar. Sci. :Repeta,Dr. D. - CoChief Scientist - Woods Hole Ocean. In. :Bronk,Dr. D. - Scientist - U. of Georgia :Campbell,Dr. L. - Scientist - Texas A & M U. :Aluwihare,Dr. L. - Scientist - Woods Hole Ocean. In. :PantoJa,Dr. S. - Scientist - Woods Hole Ocean. In. :Gogou,Dr. A. - Scientist - Woods Hole Ocean. In. :Ocampo,Dr. R. - Scientist - CRNS France :Grottoli,Dr. A - Scientist - U. C. Irvine :Comer,R. L. - Resident Tech. - Scripps Institution :Charters,J. - Computer Tech. - Scripps Institution :Griffin,S. - Specialist - U. C. Irvine :Bailey,E. - Technician - Col. of William&Mary :Sanderson,M - Technician - U. of Georgia :Masiello,C. - Grad. Student - U. C. Irvine :Loh,A. N. - Grad. Student - Col. of William&Mary

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