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TitleAVON Expedition (AVON)
AbstractHolocene seismic events will be studied by using coring and bathymetry to map and sample turbidite flows in the north pacific.
Proposal TitleHolocene Seismicity of the Cascadia Subduction Zone based on Precise Dating of the Turidite Event Recod
Starting PortAstoria, Oregon, USA
Ending PortEureka, California, USA
Starting Date1999-07-07
Ending Date1999-08-02
Latitude Maximum48.3889
Latitude Minimum38.6355
Longitude Maximum236.162
Longitude Minimum232.715
Principal InvestigatorGoldfinger, Chris
Scientist NamesGoldfinger, C. - Chief Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Moe, R. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Wilson, R. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Kalk, P. - Coring Tech - Oregon State Univ. :Lin, C, - Coring Tech - Univ. of Taiwan :Van Roois, D. - Student - Univ. of Ghendt :Eriksson, D. - Student - Oregon State Univ. :Nelson, H. - Scientist - Texas A&M Univ. :Johnson, J. - Student - Oregon State Univ. :Amy, L. - Student - University of Leeds :Dunhill. G. - Scientist - U. S. Geological Surv :Pourmanoutschehri,M. Student - Oregon State Univ. :Gutierrez, J. - Student - Univ. of Granada :Plasencia, A. - Student - Univ. of Granada :Raab, A. - Student - Oregon State Univ. :Morro, C. - Student - Univ. of Southampton :Trigueros, L. - Student - Univ. of Granada :Winkler, M. - Student - Oregon State Univ.:Pisias, N. - Scientist - Oregon State Univ.

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