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TitleAVON Expedition (AVON)
AbstractThis cruise will primarily recover several Vertical Line Arrays north of Hawaii. The data from these arrays will provide information on ocean waves.
Proposal TitleNorth Pacific Acoustic Laboratory
Starting PortEureka, California, USA
Ending PortSan Francisco, California, USA
Starting Date1999-08-05
Ending Date1999-08-14
Latitude Maximum40.7953
Latitude Minimum36.0447
Longitude Maximum237.618
Longitude Minimum235.23
Principal InvestigatorWorcester, Peter F.
Scientist NamesWorcester, P. - Chief Scientist - Scripps Institution :Hardy, K. - Development Tech - Scripps Institution :Norenberg, M. - Development Tech - Scripps Institution :Kemp, J. - Technician - Woods Hole :Horwitt, D. - Technician - Scripps Institution :Green, L. - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Rivera, A. - Technician - Scripps Institution :Gallgher, J. - Tech Intern - UC Santa Cruz :Moe, R. - Sr Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Chatwood, J. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Koonce, T. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution

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