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TitleAVON Expedition (AVON)
AbstractThe main objectives of this cruise are to recover the acoustic source used in the ATOC (Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate) experiment
Proposal TitleATOC Pioneer Seamount Source Recovery
Starting PortSan Francisco, California, USA
Ending PortEureka, California, USA
Starting Date1999-08-14
Ending Date1999-08-18
Latitude Maximum40.7946
Latitude Minimum37.3083
Longitude Maximum237.617
Longitude Minimum235.361
Principal InvestigatorMercer, James
Scientist NamesMercer, J. - Chief Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Olson, L. - Pr. Mech. Eng. - Univ. of Washington :Boget, E. - Mech. Tech - Univ. of Washington :Aguilar, P. - Mech. Tech - Univ. of Washington :Worcester, P. - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Hardy, K. - Engineer - Scripps Institution :Moe, R. - Sr Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Chatwood, J. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Koonce, T. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Wilson, B. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Gallagher, J. - Apprentice ResTec - Scripps Institution

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