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TitleBOOMERANG Expedition (BMRG)
AbstractResearch will determine cycling rates of carbon in open ocean waters
Proposal TitleRadiocarbon Investigations of Dissolved Organic Carbon Cycling in the South Pacific
Starting PortChatham Island, New Zealand
Ending PortDunedin, New Zealand
Starting Date1995-12-11
Ending Date1996-01-03
Latitude Maximum-43.9308
Latitude Minimum-54.1685
Longitude Maximum183.617
Longitude Minimum170.514
Principal InvestigatorDruffel, Ellen
Scientist NamesDruffel, E. - Chief Scientist - U. of Cal. Irvine :Griffin, S. - Specialist - U. of Cal. Irvine :Gaza, B. - Research asso - U. of Cal. Irvine :Masiello, C. - Grad student - U. of Cal. Irvine :Wolgast, D. - Research asso - Scripps Institution :Bauer, J. - Professor - VA. Inst. of Mar. Sci. :Schrope, M. - Lab specialist - VA. Inst. of Mar. Sci. :Loh, A. - Grad student - VA. Inst. of Mar. Sci. :Taranto, M. - Volunteer - VA. Inst. of Mar. Sci. :Wolgast, M. - Volunteer - U. of Cal. Irvine :Moe, R. - Computer tech - Scripps Institution :Wilson, R. - Resident tech - Scripps Institution

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