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TitleCALCOFI Expedition (CALF)
AbstractCalCOFI 9610 multidisciplinary cruise, part of a long series of repeat expedtions to profile time variations of a multitude of environmental parameters associated with the California Current. Observations include temperature, current, CTD, and nutrients. Research includes 12 ONR, NSF and NASA cooperative programs, in addition to the standard CalCOFI observations.
Proposal TitleCalifornia Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigation (CalCOFI) a multiagency program of longterm, large scale ocean ecology research
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortPoint San Luis, California, USA
Starting Date1996-10-10
Ending Date1996-11-02
Latitude Maximum35.1429
Latitude Minimum29.8454
Longitude Maximum242.774
Longitude Minimum235.651
Principal InvestigatorHayward, Thomas
Scientist NamesHayward, TomChief Scientist :Charters, JamesComputer tech :Wilson, Robert Resident tech :Abarmenkoff, D. Technician :Aoki, K. Student :Beaupre, Marie Technician :Cummings, Sherry Technician :Fey, Connie Technician :Frouin, Robert Scientist :Fruetel, D. Scientist :Goericke, Rolf Scientist :Gruber, Dennis Technician :Haury, LorenScientist :Hays, A. Technician :Hyrenback, D. Scientist :Masten, DougTechnician :Mazza, S. Technician :Mcginnis, J. Technician :Mitchell, Greg Scientist :Rathburn, Tony Scientist :Renger, Ed Technician :Reynolds. R. Technician :Shankle, A. Student :Schnee, M. Scientist :Scwaber, J. Scientist :Toledo, G. Scientist :Van den Bosch, J. Scientist :Wilkinson, Jim Technician :Zafiriou, O. Scientist :Bucklin, A. Scientist :Clarke, L. Scientist :Fougnie, B. Technician :Wiebe, PeterScientist

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