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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractChemical oceanography sampling of Fe and Zn will determine the cycle of phytoplankton in the Ecuadorian upwelling zone
Proposal TitleThe interdependence of the Chemistry of Fe And Zn and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Upwelling Regimes
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortArica, Chile
Starting Date2000-08-21
Ending Date2000-09-27
Latitude Maximum32.7013
Latitude Minimum-18.6353
Longitude Maximum289.653
Longitude Minimum242.697
Principal InvestigatorBruland, Kenneth W.
Scientist NamesBruland,K. Chief Scientist :Hutchins,D. Co-Chief Scient. :Wilson,R. Resident Tech :Chatwood,J. Computer Tech :Palomares,R. Electronics Tech :Smith,G. Sr. Technician :Rue,E. Post-Doc :Conn,J. Technician :Lessin,L. Grad. student :Corami,F. Grad. student :MaCrellis,H. Grad. student :Hare,C. Grad. student :Cottrell,M Post-Doc :Kirchman,D. Scientist :Firme,G. Grad. student :Weaver,R. Grad. student :Lane,T. Scientist :Tortell,P. Post-Doc :DiTullio,G. Scientist :Riseman,S. Technician :Maucher,J. Grad. student :Alm. M. Grad. student :Fudaka,R. Post-Doc :Sonst,B. Technician :Trick,C. Scientist :Rinta-Kanto,J. Technician :Wilhelm,S. Scientist :Eldridge,M. Grad. student :Saito,M. Post-Doc :Franck,V. Grad. student :Conn,A. Volunteer :Burgos Lopez,L. Observer :Flores,G. Observer :Vasquez,L. Observer

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