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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractDeep CTD stations every degree of longitude and water collected for nutrients and chemistry around the Chilean Basin
Proposal TitleLong Term Evolution and Coupling of the Boundary Layers in the Stratus Deck Regions of the Eastern Pacific
Starting PortArica, Chile
Ending PortArica, Chile
Starting Date2000-10-02
Ending Date2000-10-14
Latitude Maximum-18.5232
Latitude Minimum-20.3112
Longitude Maximum289.463
Longitude Minimum274.713
Principal InvestigatorWeller, Robert A.
Scientist NamesWeller,Dr. R. Chief Scientist :Schneider,Dr. W. Scientist :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Chatwood, J. Computer Tech. :Ramos,M. E. Research Assist. :Lucas,L. Research Assoc. :Fewings,M. Research Assoc. :Ostrom,W. Sr. Engineer :Ryder,J. Technician :Bouchard,P. Technician :Dunn,J. Engineering Asst. :Hormazabal,C. Ocean Technician :Castillo,M. Observer :Valenzuela,C. Observer :Fischer,A. Grad. student :Castro,R. Grad. student :Gutierrez,M. Grad. student :Rodriguez Rubio,E. Grad. student :Moffat,C. F. Grad. student :Cuevas,L. A. Grad. student

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