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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractGeophysical and bathymetric surveying of the crust of the tongareva triple junction will be used to determine the development of the triple junction in the mid-cretaceous.
Proposal TitleMid-Cretaceaous Tectonic Evolution of the tongareva triple junction in the southwest pacific basin
Starting PortPapeete, Tahiti
Ending PortApia, Western Samoa
Starting Date2000-11-11
Ending Date2000-12-22
Latitude Maximum-5.87667
Latitude Minimum-38.7772
Longitude Maximum212.488
Longitude Minimum188.236
Principal InvestigatorLarson, Roger L.
Scientist NamesLarson, Dr. R. Chief Scientist :Abrams, Dr. L. Scientist :Pakalny, Dr. R Scientist :Viso, R. Scientist :Grenier, J. Watch Stander :Neisingh, M. Student :Forest, A. Student :Kriner, K. Student :Goodwillie, A. Seabeam Processor :Palomares, R. Electronics Tech :Moe, R. Computer Tech :Baiz, S. Resident Tech

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