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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractMariana Forearch, Hawaii MRI, dredging
Proposal TitleCollaborative Research: Studies of Deep-sourced Mud Volcanism in the Mariana Forearc: A DSL 120, Jason ROV, and Coring Program
Starting PortApra, Mariana Islands, Guam
Ending PortApra, Mariana Islands, Guam
Starting Date2001-02-10
Ending Date2001-03-01
Latitude Maximum13.7821
Latitude Minimum11.182
Longitude Maximum144.668
Longitude Minimum140.244
Principal InvestigatorFryer, Patricia
Scientist NamesFryer, P. - Chief Scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Martinez, F. - Scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Becker, N. - Grad student - Univ. of Hawaii :Gharib, J. - Grad student - Univ. of Hawaii :Fryer, K. - Volunteer - Univ. of Hawaii :Hawkins, J. - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Craven, J. - Volunteer - Univ. of Hawaii :Applegate, B. - Technician - Univ. of Hawaii :Tottori, S. - Technicain - Univ. of Hawaii :Morris, A. - Technician - Univ. of Hawaii :Chang, R. - Grad student - Univ. of Hawaii :Ishihara, T. - Technician - Geol. Survey Japan :Silver, M. - Computer tech - Scripps Institution :Wilson, B. - Resident tech - Scripps Institution

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