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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractRock sampling along IBM convergent zone to determine rock types contributing to the subduction factory
Proposal TitleMantle inputs to the subduction factory: Accessing scales of spatial variability along and across the IBM convergent zone
Starting PortApra, Mariana Islands, Guam
Ending PortApra, Mariana Islands, Guam
Starting Date2001-03-04
Ending Date2001-04-12
Latitude Maximum17.4612
Latitude Minimum11.9262
Longitude Maximum146.333
Longitude Minimum143.667
Principal InvestigatorBloomer, Sherman
Scientist NamesBloomer, S. Chief Scientist :Stern, R. Co-Chief Sci. :Montgomery, H. Scientist :Edwards, M. Scientist :Leybourne, M. Scientist :Ishii, T. Scientist :Ikeda, Y. Scientist :Tottori, S. Technician :Hargrove, U. Grad student :Robinson, A. Grad student :Engels, J. Grad. student :Becker, N. Grad. student :Andrew, T. Grad. Student :Bishop, T. Student :Kohut, E. Grad. student :McKee, C. Grad. student :Popham, C. Student :Williams, R. Student :Machida, S. Grad. student :McKnight, S. Grad. student :Myrick, K. Volunteer :Ford, R. Volunteer :Silver, M. Computer tech :Wilson, B. Resident tech :Baiz, T. Resident tech

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