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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractEast China Sea, ASIAEX-underwater Acoustic Reverberation experiment
Starting PortNaha, Okinawa, Japan
Ending PortPusan, South Korea
Starting Date2001-05-28
Ending Date2001-06-19
Latitude Maximum35.1179
Latitude Minimum26.2092
Longitude Maximum129.19
Longitude Minimum121.493
Principal InvestigatorDahl, Peter
Scientist NamesDahl, Peter - Chief Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Light, Russ - Engineer - Univ. of Washington :Sabin, Pete - Engineer - Univ. of Washington :Tang, Dajun - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Miller, Vern - Engineer - Univ. of Washington :Hodgkiss, Bill - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Harriss, Dick - Engineer - Scripps Institution :Skinner, Jeff - Engineer - Scripps Institution :Ensberg, Dave - Engineer - Scripps Institution :Song, Hee Chun - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Miller, James - Scientist - U. of Rhode Island :Potty, Gopu - Scientist - U. of Rhode Island :Moe, Ron - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution

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