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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractUsing OBSs, dredges, and multibeam surveying, the birth and evolution of the intraplate lineations will be determined.
Proposal TitleCollaborative Research: Investigation of the Origin of Non-hotspot, intraplate, volcanic ridges and cross-grain gravity lineations
Starting PortPapeete, Tahiti
Ending PortEaster Island, Chile
Starting Date2001-11-09
Ending Date2001-12-23
Latitude Maximum-11.7317
Latitude Minimum-26.7529
Longitude Maximum250.231
Longitude Minimum210.41
Principal InvestigatorForsyth, Donald W.
Scientist NamesForsyth, D. Chief Scientist :Jordan, B. Grad student :Yang, Y. Grad student :Harmon, N. Grad student :Rychert, C. Grad student :Scheirer, D. Scientist :Scheirer, A. Scientist :Webb, S. Scientist :Jonke, P. Scientist :Mckiernan, BTechnician :Rittger, K. Student :Cottrell, E. Grad student :Donnelly, K. Grad student :Hanley, J. Technician :Weeraratne, D. Grad student :Chatwood, J. Computer tech :Mogk, S. Airgun tech :Wilson, R. Resident tech

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