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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractSecond leg of the Southern Ocean Iron Enrichment experiment (SOFeX) expedition, studying the processes that control productivity by injecting trace amounts of iron sulfate into the water to mimic an ice age deposition event, in an overall quest to understand carbon sequesterization and global climate change. Other vessels in the complex joint operation include R/V Roger Revelle and the Ice Breaker Polar Star.
Proposal TitleSouthern Ocean Iron Experiments (SOFeX)
Starting PortLyttelton, New Zealand
Ending PortLyttelton, New Zealand
Starting Date2002-01-19
Ending Date2002-02-26
Latitude Maximum-43.5232
Latitude Minimum-66.6162
Longitude Maximum193.061
Longitude Minimum172.717
Principal InvestigatorCoale, Kenneth H.
Scientist NamesCoales,K. Chief Scientist :Andrews,J. Technician :Apprill,A. Grad student :BaileyScientist :Bidigare,B. Scientist :Brewster,J. Grad student :Brzezinski,M. Scientist :Cabrera,A. Scientist :Charters,J. Computer engineer :Crossin,G. Technician :Cochlan,W. Scientist :Cooper,D. Scientist :Demarest,M. Grad student :Delizo,L. Grad student :Gorbunov,M. Scientist :Gordon,M. Technician :Herndon,J. Grad student :Hilting,A. Scientist :Hiscock,M. Scientist :Hiscock,w. Scientist :Johnson,Z. Scientist :Jones,J. Scientist :Koehler,V. Scientist :Koblizek,M. Scientist :Ladizinsky,N. Grad student :Landry,M. Scientist :Oliver,J. Grad student :Palomares,R. Electronic tech :Pillard,G. Resident tech :Roberts,A. Technician :Selph,K. Scientist :Sheridan,C. Grad student :Smith,G. Technician :Tanner,S. Technician :Timothy,D. Scientist :Wang,X. Scientist :Zhu,A. Scientist

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