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TitleCOOK Expedition (COOK)
AbstractResearch will map and interpret the tectonic connection between the tongareva triple junction and the nova-canton trough deep
Proposal TitleFollow-up survey: Mid-Cretaceous evolution of the Tongareva triple junction in the southwest Pacific Basin
Starting PortApia, Western Samoa
Ending PortMajuro, Marshall Islands
Starting Date2002-03-24
Ending Date2002-04-12
Latitude Maximum7.39039
Latitude Minimum-13.8268
Longitude Maximum199.741
Longitude Minimum171.156
Principal InvestigatorLarson, Roger L.
Scientist NamesLarson, R. - Chief Scientist - U. of Rhode Island :Pockainy, R. - Scientist - U. of Rhode Island :Lewis, A. - Scientist - U. of North Carolina :Viso, R. - Grad student - U. of Rhode Island :Miura, R. - Grad student - Tokyo University :Vinhateiro, N. - Student - U. of Rhode Island :Binataake, I. - Observer - Kiribati :Chatwood, J. - Computer tech - Scripps Institution :Clark, D. - Processor - Scripps Institution

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