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TitleDRIFT Expedition (DRFT)
AbstractEmplacing multi-year subseafloor hydrogeological experiments in two holes drilled by DSDP (the famous 504B) and ODP (896A) on the southern flank of the Costa Rica Rift. The aim is to refine our understanding of sediment-buried basement topography in controlling subseafloor hydrothermal circulation.
Proposal TitleLong-term monitoring of off-axis hydrogeology on the Costa Rica Rift using an instrumented wireline multi-packer system
Starting PortPuerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Ending PortPuerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Starting Date2001-07-29
Ending Date2001-08-16
Latitude Maximum9.97069
Latitude Minimum0.94082
Longitude Maximum276.48
Longitude Minimum275.167
Principal InvestigatorBecker, Keir
Scientist NamesBecker,Dr. K. Chief Scientist :Spiess,Dr. F. Senior Scientist :deMoustier,Dr. C. Scientist :Davis,R. Scientist :Meldrum,Dr. R. Scientist :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Jacobsen,D. Computer Tech. :Austin,G. Development Tech. :Price,D. Sr. Elect. Tech. :Zimmerman,R. Sr. Devel. Engr. :Jabson,D. Asst. Devel. Engr.:Rimington,D. Jr. Devel. Engr.

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