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TitleDRIFT Expedition (DRFT)
AbstractMarine geophysical studies of the Nazca Ridge and the Salas y Gomez seamount chain, with multibeam mapping and dredging programs to test hotspot fixity in the Pacific Basin, to characterize the variability of geochemistry of the Easter/Salas y Gomez hotspot source, and to characterize the variability of the seamount geomorphology along this very long seamount chain that stretches from Peru to Rapa Nui over a time span greater than 30 Ma.
Proposal TitleAssessing Hotspot Fixity in the Pacific Basin
Starting PortCallao, Peru
Ending PortEaster Island, Chile
Starting Date2001-11-05
Ending Date2001-12-14
Latitude Maximum-11.9966
Latitude Minimum-27.141
Longitude Maximum282.855
Longitude Minimum250.062
Principal InvestigatorNaar, David F.
Scientist NamesNaar, D.; Wessel, P; Harada, Y; Berman, G; Ciembronowicz, K; Desjardins, E; Donahue, B; Elign, L; Foley, S; Jacobson, D; Johnson, K; Pillard, E; Pyle, D; Ray, J; Russo, C; Sheth, H; Wright, A

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