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TitleGLORIA Expedition (GLOR)
AbstractMarine Geophysical investigation of magmatic and tectonic segmentation processes along the East Pacific Rise, using both SeaBeam 2000 multibeam and the Hawaii MR1 system, along with 3.5 KHz, gravity and magnetics. The first part of the cruise complemented existing coverage on the EPR axis, 8 to 2 degrees North. The second part investigated the EPR 4 to 19 deg south, including extensive surveys of the flanks of the ultrafast spreading segment near 17 south.
Starting PortAcapulco, Mexico
Ending PortEaster Island, Chile
Starting Date1992-11-05
Ending Date1992-12-10
Latitude Maximum16.8463
Latitude Minimum-27.2259
Longitude Maximum260.118
Longitude Minimum243.189
Principal InvestigatorMacdonald, Ken C.
Scientist NamesMacdonald,K. Chief Scientist :Wilson,R. Resident Tech :Moore,M. Computer Tech :Skinner,J. Seabeam eng :Alexander,R. Student :Atwater,T. Professor :Beedle,N. Student :Erickson,J. Engineer :Feldman,K. Volunteer :Johnson,D. Technician :Korenaga,J. Observer :Miller,S. Specialist :Mueller,T. Technician :Padgett,A. Cartographer :Petersen,L. Technicain :Sayanagi,K. Observer :Scheirer,D. Student :Shen,Y. Student :Valanciano,M. Electronic Tech :Weiland,C. Student :Wright,D. Student

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