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TitleGLORIA Expedition (GLOR)
AbstractMarine Geophysical investigations of gravity and bathymetric lineations in the fast spreading southern EPR flanks as a part of the MELT experiment, using SeaBeam, gravity, OBS, and magnetics, including a 3-component flux gate. Hundreds of new seamounts discovered, some in chains parallel to plate motion.
Starting PortEaster Island, Chile
Ending PortPapeete, Tahiti
Starting Date1992-12-10
Ending Date1993-01-06
Latitude Maximum-14.8022
Latitude Minimum-27.1431
Longitude Maximum250.562
Longitude Minimum210.392
Principal InvestigatorForsyth, Donald W.
Scientist NamesForsyth,Dr. D. Chief Scientist :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Bouchard,G. Computer Tech. :Heckman,E. Electronic Eng. :Albright,U. Seabeam Proc. :Hollingshead,C. OBS Technician :Lynch,M. Grad. Stud. :Levitt,D. Grad. Stud. :Scheirer,D. Grad. Stud. :Alexander,R. Grad. Stud. :Beedle,N. Grad. Stud. :Cormier,M. H. Grad. Stud. :Feldman,K. Volunteer :Korenaga,J. Observer

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