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TitleGLORIA Expedition (GLOR)
AbstractPukapuka Marine Geophysical and Geological investigation of long lineated ridges in the fabric of the Pacific Plate, originally detected in satellite gravity maps. One ridge is has proven to be more than 280km long and only 20km wide! Sidescan and dredging complement the bathymetric mapping and interpretation.
Starting PortPapeete, Tahiti
Ending PortPapeete, Tahiti
Starting Date1993-01-10
Ending Date1993-02-03
Latitude Maximum-13.3359
Latitude Minimum-17.5409
Longitude Maximum242.261
Longitude Minimum210.37
Principal InvestigatorSandwell, David T.
Scientist NamesSandwell,D. Chief Scientist :Winterer,E. Professor :Mammerickx,J. Geomorphologist :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech :Bouchard,G. Computer Tech :Heckman,E. Electronic Eng :Smith,S. SB processor :Colgan,C. Public Affairs :Call,W. Photographer :Lynch,M. A. Grad. Student :Simons,M. Grad. Student :Johnson,C. Grad. Student :Levitt,D. Grad. Student :Small,C. Grad. Student

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