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TitleHAHNARO Expedition (HNRO)
AbstractCTD and Rosette work, transect
Proposal TitleControls on the production and isotopic compositions of N2O
Starting PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ending PortSan Diego, California, USA
Starting Date2000-05-25
Ending Date2000-06-28
Latitude Maximum32.7068
Latitude Minimum14.987
Longitude Maximum262.14
Longitude Minimum201.666
Principal InvestigatorPopp, Brian N.
Scientist NamesPopp, Brian - Chief scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Ostrom, Nathaniel - Co-Chief scientist Michigan St. Univ. :Sansone, Frank - Co-Chief scientist Univ. of Hawaii :Rust, Terry - Lab manager - Univ. of Hawaii :Graham, Brittany - Grad studen - Michigan St. Univ. :Gasc, Anne - Post-Doc - Univ. of Hawaii :Napp, Nils - Student - Univ. of Hawaii :Bronzan, James - Grad student - Lamont Doherty :Volf, Diego - Grad student - U. Autonoma de Baja :Decarlo, Eric - Professor - Univ. of Hawaii :Beltran, Vincent - Grad student - Univ. of Hawaii :Tharin, Richard - Volunteer - Scripps Institution :Westley, Marian - Grad student - Univ. of Hawaii :Saladin, Nathaniel - Grad student - Michigan St. Univ. :Carmody, Rebecca - Analytical spec. - Univ. of Hawaii :Gedeon, Michelle - Grad student - Michigan St. Univ. :Russ, Mary - Grad student - Michigan St. Univ. :Desjardins, Erika - Volunteer - Scripps Institution :Bohnet, Darwin - Instructor - Univ. of Hawaii :Plancherel, Yves - Student - Univ. of Hawaii :Blanton, Doug - Student - U. C. Irvine :Rusk, Steven - Res tech - Scripps Institution :Patrick, Ronald - CTD tech - Scripps Institution :Silver, Marc - Computer tech - Scripps Institution

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