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TitleINDOMED 77 Expedition (INMD)
AbstractTo carry out detailed sea floor geophysical studies, to extend the geologial observations and sampling areas previously mapped at the East Pacific Rise crest and to investigate sulfide mounds observed in 1978. The primary geophyscial experiment was the conduct of short range, high resolution seismic observations using the Alvin rock hammer as sound source and ocean bottom recoding seismographs as receivers to study the degree of fracturing of local rock formations.
Starting PortMazatlan, Mexico
Ending PortSan Diego, California, USA
Starting Date1979-04-11
Ending Date1979-04-29
Latitude Maximum31.5548
Latitude Minimum20.7518
Longitude Maximum253.618
Longitude Minimum243.219
Principal InvestigatorSpiess, Fred N.

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