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TitleKIWI Expedition (KIWI)
AbstractThe U.S. JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study): Antarctic Environment and Southern Ocean Process Study (AESOPS) program involves a series of 4 research cruises aboard the R/V Roger Revelle studying topics related to biogeochemical cycles, with a focus on the role of the Southern Ocean in the global carbon cycle. The principal geographic area of JGOFS/AESOPS research to be conducted aboard the Roger Revelle lies along the north-south transect at 170o west, from 57o S to 63o S, well outside of the New Zealand EEZ.
Proposal TitleMultidisciplinary study of carbon fluxes and biogeochemical cycles in the Southern Ocean
Starting PortLyttelton, New Zealand
Ending PortLyttelton, New Zealand
Starting Date1997-10-20
Ending Date1997-11-24
Latitude Maximum-43.5809
Latitude Minimum-62.3833
Longitude Maximum192.406
Longitude Minimum172.716
Principal InvestigatorCowles, Timothy J.
Scientist NamesCowles, T - Chief Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Abbott, M - Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Ball, L - Technician - Woods Hole :Barth, J - Graduate student - Oregon State Univ. :Brown, S - Graduate student - Univ. of Hawaii :Coale, K - Scientist - Moss Marine Lab. :Cook, M - Technician - North Carolilna St. :Crossin, G - Technician - Woods Hole :Cascotti, K - Graduate student - Scripps Institution :Degler, E - Graduate student - University of Miami :Fayler, L - Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Franck, V - Scientist - UC Santa Barbara :Gordon, M - Research assoc. - Moss Marine Lab. :Goyet, C - Scientist - Woods Hole :Gonzales, A - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Kirchlechner, T - Scientsit - Woods Hole :Landry, M - Scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Morgan, Stacey - Research asso. - Scripps Institution :Mcdonough, K - Research assist. - Univ. of Hawaii :OMalley, R - Research assist. - Oregon State Univ. :Pierce, S - Research assist. - Oregon State Univ. :Polk, S - Research assist. - Univ. of Tennesse :Richman, J - Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Root, D - Technician - Oregon State Univ. :Mordy, C - Technician - Nat. Ocean&Atmos Ad :Stilliman, S - Resident assist. - Univ. of Mass. :Tanner, S - Research tech. - Moss Marine Lab. :Vink, S - Scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Williams, Robert - Technician - Scripps Institution :Wingard, C - Technician - Oregon State Univ. :Willis, M - Chief Technician - Oregon State Univ. :Zhu, X - Scientist - University of Miami :Kulak, B - Scientist - Smithsonian :Meadows, J. - Scientist - Duke University :Wilson, Robert - Resident tech. - Scripps Institution :Silver, Marc - Computer tech. - Scripps Institution :Realander, M - CTD Technician - Univ. of Washington

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