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TitleLAPEROUSE Expedition (LPRS)
AbstractThe purpose of this cruise is to observe internal tides generated over Kaena Point Ridge and around Oahu by surface tides. During the first phase, 2-23 September, we will work in the Kauai Channel using Deep AMPs and SWIMS2. We will focus on internal tides generated over the ridge, attempting to learn how they are generated and also to quantify the mixing they produce. To observe how the internal tides lose energy as they propagate southward, we will take stations and run lines up to 100 km south of the ridge.
Proposal TitleHOME:Nearfield Program:Three-Dimensional & Temporal Structure of Turbulence
Starting PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ending PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Starting Date2002-09-02
Ending Date2002-09-27
Latitude Maximum21.7778
Latitude Minimum21.1387
Longitude Maximum202.16
Longitude Minimum201.044
Principal InvestigatorGregg, Michael C.
Scientist NamesGregg, M. - Chief Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Alfrod, M. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Bayer, S. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Carter, G. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Krause, E. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Miller, J. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Winkel, D. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Aguilar, P. - Technician - Univ. of Washington :Snyder, A. - Technician - Univ. of Washington :Mickett, J. - Grad Student - Univ. of Washington :Whitmont, M. - Grad Student - Univ. of Washington :Boaz, J. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Foley, S. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Allen, S. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution

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