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TitlePANORAMA Expedition (PANR)
AbstractMarine geology and geochemistry program, with 93 dredges and 117 rock cores, including intensive sampling of the EPR axis south of the Tamayo transform fault and near-axial small seamount chains. Additional surveys were made of the Mathematician microplate, with fresh glass beneath thick manganese crusts. Two new hydrothermal fields were discovered. A survey of the fossil Mathematician spreading center revealed a number of intriguing new features.
Proposal TitleCollaborative Research: Constraints on EPR Mangetism Through Studies of the North Orozco Region
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortAcapulco, Mexico
Starting Date1997-11-02
Ending Date1997-12-11
Latitude Maximum32.7012
Latitude Minimum14.6646
Longitude Maximum260.118
Longitude Minimum240.311
Principal InvestigatorLangmuir, Charles
Scientist NamesLangmuir,Dr. C. Chief Scientist :Bender,Dr. J. Co-Chief Scientist :Cormier,Dr. M. Scientist :Shirey,Dr. S. Scientist :Forsythe,Dr. L. Scientist :Comer, R. L. Resident Tech. :Moe,R. Computer Engineer :Peckman,U. Seabeam Processor :Sapp,K. A. Geologic Tech. :Hanley,J. Technician :Zavala,K. Undergrad Student :Escalona-Alcazar,F. Grad. Student :Donnelly,K. Grad. Student :Balzer,V. Grad. Student :Lagatta,A. Grad. Student :Priest,B. Undergrad Student :Simon,A. Grad. Student :Su,Y. Grad. Student :deMoustier,Dr. C. Scientist :Palomares,R. Electronic Tech.:Ingram,M. Seabeam Tech.

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