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TitlePANORAMA Expedition (PANR)
AbstractStudy of benthic processes at 4 stations crossing the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) off Peru. Sampling took place along a transect (300-1210 m), including 22 multicore drops, 2 boxcores and 7 CTD casts. Dramatic differences were observed among the 4 stations sampled. In addition SeaBeam swath bathymetry and sidescan data are being collected to examine variation in structure along the outer slope of the Peru-Chile Trench.
Proposal TitleBenthic processes inthe oxygen minimum zone on the Peru margin.
Starting PortCallao, Peru
Ending PortValparaiso, Chile
Starting Date1997-12-31
Ending Date1998-01-12
Latitude Maximum-12.0296
Latitude Minimum-33.033
Longitude Maximum288.776
Longitude Minimum282.292
Principal InvestigatorLevin, Lisa A
Scientist NamesLevin, Lisa; Massell, Chris; Charters, Jim; Heckman, Earl; Wilson, Robert; Balthazar, Mario; Castillo, F; Chumpitaz, L; Cooper, Barry; Eakins, Barry; Field, David; Ginsburg, Peter; Graco, Michelle; Gutierrez, Dimitri; Lonsdale, Peter; Mackiernan, Gail; Mayor, Sergio; Munoz Parra, P; Neira, Carlos; Quipuzcoa Olguin, L; Rathburn, Tony; Sellanes, Javier; Shankle, Amy; Shany, Noam; Shuffert, Jeff; Soto Miranda, Aldo; Tapis, Fabian

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