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TitlePANORAMA Expedition (PANR)
AbstractDeployment and recovery of downhole and seafloor broad seismic instruments
Proposal TitleBroad-Band Seismic Measurements on the Deep Ocean Floor: A Pilot Experiment
Starting PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ending PortHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Starting Date1998-06-12
Ending Date1998-06-20
Latitude Maximum21.3006
Latitude Minimum19.2958
Longitude Maximum202.133
Longitude Minimum200.781
Principal InvestigatorStephen, Ralph A.
Scientist NamesStephen, R. Chief Scientist :Hildebrand, J. Co-Chief Sci. :Peale, K. Scientist :Geiskes, J. Scientist :Romanowitz, B. Scientist :Collins, J. Scientist :Vernon, F. Scientist :Dziewonski, A. Scientist :Masanari, K. Volunteer :Sweeney, A. Volunteer :Comer. R. Resident Tech :Silver, M. Computer Tech :Austin, G. Development Tech :Jabson, D. Electronics Eng. :Jabson, D. Electronics Eng. :Jonke, P. Electronics Eng. :Price, D. Electronics Tech :Hollingshead, C. Engineer :Bolmer, T. Data Processor :Gould, M. Mechanical Eng. :Say, C. Volunteer :Babcock, J. Post Doc.

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