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Cruise IDREM-01MV
TitleREM Expedition (REM)
AbstractResearch will measure the amount of crustal movement on the juan de fuca plate, using instrumentation and GPS positioning, in a series of cruises taking measurements.
Proposal TitleGeodesy of the crust of the Juan De Fuca Ridge
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortAstoria, Oregon, USA
Starting Date1993-08-10
Ending Date1993-09-07
Latitude Maximum48.3893
Latitude Minimum32.6135
Longitude Maximum242.774
Longitude Minimum229.235
Principal InvestigatorSpiess, Fred N.
Scientist NamesSpiess,Dr. F. Chief Scientist :Ransom,B. Post Doc. :Hildebrand,J. Professor :Lowenstein,C. Specialist :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Moore,M. Computer Tech. :Austin,G. Dev. Tech. :Boegeman,T. Prin. Dev. Eng. :Lawhead,R. Prog. Analy. :Crawford,W. Grad. Stud. :Sternlicht,D. Grad. Stud. :Dover,A. Eng. Aid :Jabson,D. Grad. Stud. :Jewesbury,G. Geophy. Tech. :Keehan,M. Elect. Tech. :Prawirodirdjo,L. Grad. Stud. :Young,L. GPS Specialist :Zimmerman,R. Dev. Eng.

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Cruise IDREM-01MV
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