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TitleROSECANYON Expedition (RSCN)
AbstractMarine geological investigation of Rose Canyon, offshore La Jolla, California, collecting multibeam, Data sonics sidescan and gravity in a 4-day cruise with student participation.
Proposal TitleStudent Cruise Offshore San Diego: The Newport-Rose Canyon Fault Zone
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortSan Diego, California, USA
Starting Date1997-10-13
Ending Date1997-10-17
Latitude Maximum33.4131
Latitude Minimum32.6253
Longitude Maximum242.776
Longitude Minimum242.273
Principal InvestigatorBrown, Kevin
Scientist NamesBrown,K. Chief Scientist :Babcock,J. Observer :Hallenberg,E. Grad Student :Price,E. Grad Student :Sauter,A. Scientist :Kanjorski,N. Grad Student :Shaw,A. Grad Student :Andres,M. Grad Student :Lyons,S. Grad Student :Selkin,P. Grad Student :Constable,S. Scientist :Dorman,L. Senior Scientist :Jennings,P. Staff Writer :Trujillio,A. Observer :Key,K. Grad Student :Green,S. Photographer :Fisher,F. Scientist :Smith,S Technician :Escher,S. Technician :Moe,R. Computer Tech :Wietz,J. Technician :Koonce,T. Resident Tech

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