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TitleSOJOURN Expedition (SOJN)
AbstractRecover WOCE Indian Ocean current meter array ICM3 and make supporting CTD/rosette stations. The ICM3 array was deployed along 20S in May and June, 1995 to monitor the flow of the three Deep Western Boundary Currents that carry water of Antarctic origin north into the three major basins of the Indian Ocean. The CTD work along each array will document differences in the density and tracer fields at the western boundary of the basins since the full trans-Indian survey during array deployment.
Proposal TitleIndian Ocean Investigation in Support of WOCE CPI
Starting PortCape Town, South Africa
Ending PortFremantle, Australia
Starting Date1997-01-08
Ending Date1997-02-14
Latitude Maximum-19.7315
Latitude Minimum-35.1673
Longitude Maximum115.693
Longitude Minimum18.1098
Principal InvestigatorWhitworth, T.
Scientist NamesWhitworth, Thomas Chief Scientist :Boaz, John Marine Tech :Brookstorce, K. Scientist :Hevner, R. Technician :Hiller, Scott Technician :Johnson, Mary Technician :Knapp, G. Scientist :Matthysen, C. Technician :Morgan, Stacey Technician :Root, D. Technician :Rutz, S. Scientist :Simpkins, J. Technician :Warren, B. Scientist :Koonce, Tammy Resident Tech :Moe, Ron Computer Tech

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