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TitleSOJOURN Expedition (SOJN)
AbstractLocate and survey a number of potential sites for future ocean drilling in the off-axis regions of the Australian Antarctic discordance, midway between Australia and Antarctica. The drilling will map out a boundary between geochemically distinct Indian Ocean mantle and Pacific Ocean mantle that appears to have migrated into the region as Australia has separated from Antarctica. The principal operation was seismic profiling using a gas injected (GI) airgun and six channel streamer. SEA BEAM, gravity and magnetics data were also collected. Although the seafloor age throughout the survey region is 20-30 million years old, it is remarkably free of sediment. Nevertheless we were able to identify enough small pockets of sediment in valleys, and occasionally perched on abyssal hills, to identify an array of potential drill sites.
Proposal TitleAustralian-Antarctic Discordance Site Survey
Starting PortFremantle, Australia
Ending PortHobart, Tasmania
Starting Date1997-02-19
Ending Date1997-03-02
Latitude Maximum-31.9159
Latitude Minimum-45.4501
Longitude Maximum147.528
Longitude Minimum114.414
Principal InvestigatorChristie, David M.
Scientist NamesChristie,Dr. D. M. Chief Scientist :West,Dr. B. Scientist :Moe,R. L. Computer Engineer :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Hervig,W. C. Electronics Tech.:Gravati,D. Air Gun Tech.

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