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TitleSOJOURN Expedition (SOJN)
AbstractRecovery of instruments deployed two years ago across the Sub-Antarctic Front as part of the Sub-Antarctic Flux and Dynamics Experiment (SAFDE). Instruments include horizontal electrometers, inverted echosounders and pressure gauges. Underway data collection includes continuous ADCP, SST, meteorological, SEA BEAM and gravity, and occasional magnetometer tows. With CTD and ADCP observations, weve found positive evidence for a postulated flow of distinctive water south along the eastern side of the Tasman Plateau.
Proposal TitleU.S-Australia Cooperative Study of the Northern Branch of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Starting PortHobart, Tasmania
Ending PortHobart, Tasmania
Starting Date1997-03-07
Ending Date1997-04-06
Latitude Maximum-42.8837
Latitude Minimum-56.9193
Longitude Maximum147.499
Longitude Minimum139.841
Principal InvestigatorLuther, Douglas S
Scientist NamesLuther,Dr. D. Chief Scientist :Filloux,Dr. J. Scientist :Richman,Dr. J. Scientist :Watts,Dr. D. R. Scientist :Pettit,R. Scientist :Moe,R. L. Computer Eng. :Comer,R. L. Resident Tech. :Tracey,K. Technician :Moeller,H. Dev. Tech. :Mulroney,M. T. Technician :Petitt,R. Technician :Root,D. C. Technician :Helmond,I. Technician :Johnston,N. Technician :Rosenberg,M. Technician :Wells,M. Grad. Student :Osmond,D. Grad. Student :Bloomfield,L. Grad. Student :Domokos,R. Grad. Student

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