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TitleTUNES Expedition (TUNE)
AbstractCollect hydrographic and CTD data along 135W between 35N and 35S (part of the Pacific World Circulation Experiment(WOCE) hydrographic program.) This is the subtropical/tropical portion of a complete meridional section from Alaska to the Antarctic Circumploar Current. Goalto obtain reasonable estimates of zonal geostrophic flows at all depths with corroboration from the water properties.
Proposal TitleWOCE Hydrographic Program Section P17C
Starting PortPapeete, Tahiti
Ending PortPapeete, Tahiti
Starting Date1991-07-17
Ending Date1991-08-25
Latitude Maximum-6.00158
Latitude Minimum-37.5409
Longitude Maximum227.701
Longitude Minimum209.439
Principal InvestigatorSwift, James
Scientist NamesSwift, J. - Chief Scientist - Scripps Institution :Birdwhistell, S. - Research Assist. - Woods Hole Ocean. Ins :Boaz, J. - Resident Tech. - Scripps Institution :Bouchard, G. - Computer Tech. - Scripps Institution :Delahoyde, F. - Computer Tech. - Scripps Institution :Goddard, J. - Research Assoc. - Lamont-Doherty G. O. :Guffy, J. - Marine Tech. - Texas A&M University :Lewis, D. - Student - Scripps Institution :Maillet, K. - Research Assoc. - Rosenthiel SM&A Sci. :Masten, D. - Research Assoc. - Scripps Institution :Mathieu, G. - Research Assist. - Lamont-Doherty G. O. :Orsi, A. - Student - Texas A&M University :Patrick, R. - Research Assoc. - Scripps Institution :Peterson, R. - Asst. Researcher - Scripps Institution :Rotter, R. - Research Staff - Princeton University :Rubin, S. - Lab Tech. - Lamont-Doherty O. I. :Schmitt, J. - Electronic Tech. - Scripps Institution :Streib, R. - Research Assoc. - Scripps Institution :Tedesco, K. - Research Assist. - UC Santa Barbara :Williams, N. - Research Assoc. - Scripps Institution

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