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TitleTUNES Expedition (TUNE)
AbstractSeamounts and guyots in the western Pacific hold the key to many important problems in geology; goals are to 1) improve understanding of the Pacific plate motion through the geochronological and magnetic study of these seamounts that have probable ages between 90-150ma. 2) study the origin of the South Pacific Isotope and Thermal anomaly. 3) Study the origin of Western Pacific Guyots.
Proposal TitleSeaBeam and dredging on 19 different seamounts and guyots
Starting PortKwajalein, Marshall Islands
Ending PortApra, Mariana Islands, Guam
Starting Date1991-10-31
Ending Date1991-12-02
Latitude Maximum24.4177
Latitude Minimum8.73231
Longitude Maximum167.735
Longitude Minimum144.568
Principal InvestigatorStaudigel, Hubert
Scientist NamesStaudigel,Dr. H. - Chief Scientist - Scripps Institution :Pringle,M. - Geologist - U. S. Geological Surv :Smith,Dr. W. - Geophysicist - Scripps Institution :Comer,R. - Resident Tech. - Scripps Institution :Charters,J. - Computer Tech. - Scripps Institution :Albright,U. - Seabeam Proc. - Scripps Institution :Janney,P. - Grad. Stud. - Scripps Institution :Marchant,K. - Grad. Stud. - Scripps Institution :Van Waasbergen,R. - Grad. Stud. - Scripps Institution :Laurs,B. - Volunteer - SIO non-employee

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