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TitleVANCOUVER Expedition (VANC)
AbstractWe mapped, using Seabeam, side-scan and magnetics, the broad area of the Incipient Rift at 2deg 40 min N and extending ~135 km east of the East Pacific Rise, to constrain the tectonic and magmatic history of the region and test the hypothesis that the geochemical variations along the Incipient Rift reflect sampling of different portions of the wider EPR melting regime. We discovered an apparent second propagating rift located at about 3deg north with a rift tip propagating into ~1 Ma old EPR crust. We performed 14 camera tows using the WHOI Camera Tow System; 53 dredges, 5 wax cores, and several dozen additional sampling sites with wax balls deployed by the camera.
Proposal TitleGeochemical and geological investigation of the Incipient Rift at 2°40N, east of the East Pacific Rise
Starting PortSan Diego, California, USA
Ending PortPuerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Starting Date2002-08-05
Ending Date2002-09-02
Latitude Maximum32.7225
Latitude Minimum2.40292
Longitude Maximum275.251
Longitude Minimum242.764
Principal InvestigatorKlein, Emily
Scientist NamesKlein, E. Chief Scientist :Rudnicki, M. Researcher :Smith, D. Scientist :Zhu, W. Scientist :Kurras, G. Technician :Gregg, P. Grad student :Williams, C. Grad student :Hanna, H. Grad student :Pollock, M. Grad student :Williams, E. Grad student :Cheney, C. Student :Donnelly, C. Student :McGuire, J. Student :Comer, R. Resident Tech :Jacobson, D. Computer Tech

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