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TitleVANCOUVER Expedition (VANC)
Abstractstudies to define the scope and method of ocean basin calibration and nuclear test monitoring research
Proposal TitleHydroacoustic calibration studies near Diego Garcia and selected Indian Ocean locations to define the scope and method of ocean basin calibration and Nuclear Test Monitoring Research
Starting PortCape Town, South Africa
Ending PortPort Hedland, Australia
Starting Date2003-05-15
Ending Date2003-06-12
Latitude Maximum-12.0458
Latitude Minimum-35.1875
Longitude Maximum118.547
Longitude Minimum18.2164
Principal InvestigatorBlackman, Donna K.
Scientist NamesBlackman, D. - Chief Scientist - Scripps Institution :De Flon, C. - Scientist - Scripps Institution :Goetze, E. - Grad student - Scripps Institution :Von Dassow, P. - Grad student - Scripps Institution :Mercer, J. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Karig, F. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Andrew, R. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Gullings, L. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Jenkins, S. - Scientist - U. S. Navy :Not, F. - Scientist - France :Massana, R. - Scientist - Spain :Karlsekind, P. - Student - France :Polet, S. - Student - Switzerland :Wilson, R. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Foley, S. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :French, W. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution

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