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TitleWESTWARD Expedition (WEST)
AbstractResearch will collect bathmetry, magnetic, and gravity data from the Eltanin fracture zone, in the southern ocean. Bathymetry will be processed and analyzed to determine the origin and eovolution of these long-lived fracture zones.
Proposal TitleGeomorphology of the Eltanin Transform Fault and Fracture Zones
Starting PortPapeete, Tahiti
Ending PortWellington, New Zealand
Starting Date1994-01-04
Ending Date1994-02-07
Latitude Maximum-17.5065
Latitude Minimum-57.8973
Longitude Maximum236.885
Longitude Minimum174.778
Principal InvestigatorLonsdale, Peter F.
Scientist NamesLonsdale, P; Sandwell, D; Moe, R;Skinner, J; Mogk, S; Baker,E; Bowers, N; Tikku, A; Williams, K; Perez, M E; Dunham, A; Butler, L; Rivers, J; Root, E

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