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TitleWESTWARD Expedition (WEST)
AbstractCarry out a transpacific hydrographic section along 17S; the section is part of a coordinated survey of the climate of the Pacific Ocean that is organized under the auspices of the WOCE hydrographic Program. The 17S section will help determine the poleward ocean heat transport at the latitude where it is expected to be a maximum in the South Pacific and to investigate the thermocline circulation for comparison with vbentilated thermocline theory.
Proposal TitleAlong 17S, WOCE P21
Starting PortIquique, Chile
Ending PortPapeete, Tahiti
Starting Date1994-03-27
Ending Date1994-05-13
Latitude Maximum-14.4999
Latitude Minimum-20.2037
Longitude Maximum289.844
Longitude Minimum210.398
Principal InvestigatorMcCartney, Michael S.
Scientist NamesMcCartney, M. - Chief Scientist - Woods Hole :Azevedo, S. - ADCP Tech - Oregon State Univ. :Bennett, P. - Volntr WtStndr - Woods Hole :Bouchard, G. - Volntr Tech - Woods Hole :Campbell, D. - CO2 Tech - Univ. of Miami :Carbonell-Moore, C. - Nutrient Tech - Oregon State Univ. :Coles, V. - Grad Student - Univ. of Miami :Cunningham, S. - Technician - James Rennell Ctr :Edwards, C. - CO2 Tech - Univ. of Miami :Goen, J. - Student (CO2) - - Univ. of Miami :Goepfert, L. - LCTD Tech - Woods Hole :Jennings, J. - Nutrient Tech - Oregon State Univ. :Knapp, G. - Sal/Oxy Analyst - Woods Hole :Landry, P. - Tritium Tech - Woods Hole :Low, C. - H2O Sampling - U. of Cal. Santa Cruz :Moe, R. - Computer Tech - Scripps Institution :Paz, J. - Peruvian Obsrvr - Dir. of Hydro & Nav :Pillard, G. - Resident Tech - Scripps Institution :Rosenberg, M. - Technician - CSIRO/Hobert, Aust. :Schmitt, J. - Elect Tech - Scripps Institution :Sullivan, K. - CFC Tech - Univ. of Miami :Swartz, M. - CTD Tech - Woods Hole :Turner, T. - Sal/Oxy Analyst - Woods Hole :Willey, D. - CFC Tech - Univ. of Miami :Zimmermann, S. - Data Analyst - Woods Hole

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