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TitleWESTWARD Expedition (WEST)
AbstractSeabeam mapping and geophysical data collection aimed at delineating the topographic transitions and identifying accompanying changes in segmentation style and other tectonic and geophysical characteristics along the S.E. Indian Ridge (SEIR)
Starting PortFremantle, Australia
Ending PortFremantle, Australia
Starting Date1994-12-10
Ending Date1995-01-22
Latitude Maximum-31.9242
Latitude Minimum-51.099
Longitude Maximum119.201
Longitude Minimum91.3843
Principal InvestigatorCochran, James R.
Scientist NamesCochran, J. R. - Chief Scientist - Lamont-Doherty :Sempere, J. C. - Co-chief Scientist Univ. of Washington :Eberle, M. A. - Student - Brown Univ. :Geli, L. B. - Scientist - Univ. of Washington :Goff, J. A. - Scientist - Univ. Texas,Austin :Kimura, Hisanori - Student - Univ. of Tokyo :Ma, Liagqiao - Student - Lamont-Doherty :Porteous, T. - Computer Engnr - Scripps Institution :Shah, Anjana K. - Student - Lamont-Doherty :Skinner, J. - Hrdwr Engnr - Scripps Institution :Small, C. - Scientist - Lamont-Doherty :Smith, S. M. - SeaBeam Processor - Scripps Institution :Sylvander, B. A. - Student - Oregon State Univ.:Zhang, W. - Student - Lamont-Doherty

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