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TitleWESTWARD Expedition (WEST)
AbstractThe major focus is on volcanic rock sampling by dredging and some wax coring for two primary objectives: to assess the petrological changes that accompany the tectonic changes documented by distinctive geochemical program and to better define the distribution, nature and variability of the distinctive geochemical signature that are known to characterize the mantle source of Indian Ocean basalts.
Proposal TitleSoutheast Indian Ridge Study
Starting PortFremantle, Australia
Ending PortHobart, Tasmania
Starting Date1995-01-29
Ending Date1995-03-13
Latitude Maximum-31.9127
Latitude Minimum-50.3865
Longitude Maximum147.524
Longitude Minimum87.9062
Principal InvestigatorChristie, David M.
Scientist NamesChristie,D. - Chief Scientist - Oregon State Univ. :Albright,U. - Sea beam processor Scripps Institution :Charters,J. - Computer tech - Scripps Institution :Danioushevshii,L. - Scientist - Univ. of Tasmania :Douglas,L. - Student - Univ. of Idaho :Frey,F. - Professor - Mass. Inst. of Tech. :Graham,D. - Asst. professor - Oregon State Univ. :Gregory,M. - Assoc. processor - Univ. of Auckland :Hall,L. - Student - Univ. of Hawaii :Hassler,D. - Student - Mass. Inst. of Tech. :Heckman,E. - Seabeam tech - Scripps Institution :Kalk,P. - Marine tech - Oregon State Univ. :Mahoney,J. - Assoc. professor - Univ. of Hawaii :Naumann,T. - Student - Univ. of Idaho :Pillard,G. - Resident tech - Scripps Institution :Small,C. - Research assoc. - Lamont-Doherty Obs. :Sprtel,F. - Student - Oregon State Univ. :Sylander,B. - Grad student - Oregon State Univ.:West,B. - Grad student - Oregon State Univ.

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