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TitleWESTWARD Expedition (WEST)
AbstractThe principal task is to deploy approximately 40 seafloor instruments and 9 current meter moorings in an array spanning the northern (strongest) current jet associated with the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) to provide a sufficiently dense three dimensional array of measurements of currents and temperature to provide answers to questions concerning the important momentum energy balances in the ACC
Proposal TitleU.S.-Australia Cooperative Study of the Northern Branch of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
Starting PortHobart, Tasmania
Ending PortHobart, Tasmania
Starting Date1995-03-18
Ending Date1995-04-14
Latitude Maximum-42.8969
Latitude Minimum-54.5463
Longitude Maximum147.522
Longitude Minimum141.308
Principal InvestigatorLuther, Douglas S
Scientist NamesLuther,Dr. D. - Chief Scientist - Univ. of Hawaii :Watts,Dr. R. - Co-Chief Sci. - Univ. of Rhode Island :Richman,Dr. J. - Co-Chief Sci. - Oregon State Univ. :Chave,Dr. A. - Co-Chief Sci. - Woods Hole Ocean. Ins :Filloux,Dr. J. - Co-Chief Sci. - Scripps Institution :Comer,R. L. - Resident Tech. - Scripps Institution :Moe,R. - Computer Eng. - Scripps Institution :Moeller,H. - Mech. Eng. - Scripps Institution :Root,D. - Sr. Res. Assoc. - Oregon State Univ. :Holloway,D. - Computer Prog. - Univ. of Rhode Island :Mulroney,M. - Technician - Univ. of Rhode Island :Pettit,B. - Elec. Eng. - Woods Hole Ocean. Ins :Bailey,J. - Technician - Woods Hole Ocean. Ins :Miller,K. - Elec. Tech. - CSIRO, Australia :Meiner,C. - Grad. Stud. - Univof Rhode Island :Phillips,H. - Grad. Stud. - CSIRO, Australia :McCormack,A. - Volunteer - Univ. of Rhode Island :Carvalho,O. - Grad. Stud. - Flinders Univ.:Hattfield,B. - Grad. Stud. - CSIRO, Australia

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